Know why Indian Coast Guard Day is celebrated

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is celebrating its foundation day on 1 February i.e. Saturday. The ICG is an armed force of India which protects maritime interests and enforces maritime law. Where the ICG is headed by a Director-General, Vice-Admiral rank of the Indian Navy. The Director-General is assisted by other officers who are responsible for various duties and responsibilities. But the Indian Coast Guard was formally established on 18 August 1978 by the Coast Guard Act, 1978 as an independent armed force of the Parliament of India.

1. The Coast Guard works in close cooperation with the Indian Navy, Fisheries Department, Revenue Department (Customs) and Central and State Police Forces.

2. The 7516.60 km coastline of India surrounds the km coast of various states and some of the busiest trade routes.

3. The Coast Guard works with close cooperation with the Indian Navy, Department of Fisheries, Department of Revenue and Central and State Police forces.

4. The Indian Coast Guard was first established by the Indian Coast Guard to provide non-military maritime services.

5. Unlike its counterparts in the three military services, the Indian Coast Guard can serve up to the age of 60.

6. Indian Coast Guard ships are different from Indian Navy ships.

7. Indian Coast Guard protects fishermen. It is also its duty to investigate foreign fishermen fishing in the water.

8. They ensure that our seas are safe. They consider that there is no illegal activity in our seas.

9. The Indian Coast Guard also protects the marine environment. They take care of the protection of the marine environment while ensuring the prevention and control of marine pollution.

10. They also look into the affairs of life and property security measures at sea. They also collect scientific data.

11. Almost every member of the Indian Coast Guard gets to visit some foreign countries during his service.

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