Don't underestimate your opposition, Sachin's warning to Indian Cricket team

Former Indian Cricket Team captain and veteran player Sachin Tendulkar, at Mumbai event, talked about Indian team's upcoming match against Australian players. During his conversation about the match, former captain warned Indian players, not to underestimate the visiting team, as Australia is one of the powerful cricket team.

Sachin's statement followed in an event, "The last thing one would like to do is underestimate your opposition and Australia is a strong side. Yes, to play in Indian conditions it would be difficult and Australian players has also acknowledged that, which is the compliment to the Indian team, the way they are playing but you cannot take things for granted."

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India will play four test series against the Australian team, which will initiate on the late week of February in Pune. Sachin said that he have full confidence in the Indian Cricket team players that they will prepare themselves to fight against the visiting team.

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