Big news for country lovers: Tricolour to be raised at Attari border

Islamabad: The height of India's tricolor, which was set at an altitude of 360 feet in March 2017 on the Attari border adjoining Pak, is now going to be 100 feet higher. This is because the Pak flag appears to be higher than the tricolor for the time being. According to reports, the National Highway Authority of India has started trying to move the tricolor and raise its height at the suggestion of the BSF. A proposal to increase the height of the tricolor has also been sent to the Union Home Ministry. After increasing the height of the tricolor by 100 feet, its height will be 460 feet and it will be called Asia's tallest flag.

It is learned that currently, the height of its pole is 360 feet, the weight is 55 tonnes. While the length is 120 and the width is 80 feet. Plans are also being made to move the Indian flag closer to the Pak border so that the tricolor can be lit up by the Pak audience in the middle of the retreat ceremony. It is also said that a location has also been identified for shifting it, and a platform has also been developed for the same. Let us also mention that the retreat ceremony at the Attari border due to covid has been closed to the general public for nearly 17 months. About 30,000 people used to come here every day to see the retreat before the Covid period. But there is silence here nowadays. A selfie point near the tricolor is also going to be prepared for the people.

At the same time, large LED screens are also going to be installed on both sides of the roads so that any viewer can easily enjoy the ceremony. There was a demand from the visitors to increase the height of the tricolor. He objected that the Pakistan flag appeared higher than the tricolor. Due to which this initiative was launched.

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