Railways cancelled 476 trains today, check list before going

New Delhi: The Indian Railways today cancelled 476 trains. Yes, the trains that were supposed to start running today have been cancelled. According to reports, so far, the Indian Railways has not clarified the reason for the cancellation of trains. With this, 26 trains have been partially cancelled. Let us also tell you all that if you want to know if your train has been cancelled, then you can get this information on the NTES website.

Yes, it is being said that most of the trains that have been cancelled today are running in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal and Punjab. Out of all these, if you are going to travel by train to go somewhere, then before leaving home, endure information that your train has not been cancelled.

Check out the list of trains to be cancelled- Today Kisan Special 00971, Bhagalpur-Jamalpur Special 03459, Lucknow-Shahjahanpur Express 04319, Kathgodam-Moradabad Special 05331, Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj Passenger 05450, Malda Court-Katihar Passenger 05717, Kottayam-Kollam Express 06431 and Umdanagar-Secunderabad Passenger 07056 have been cancelled. Apart from this, Kumbha Express 12370, Shramjeevi Express 12392, Sampoorna Kranti Express 12394, Mahabodhi Express 12398, North East Express 12505, Vaishali Express 12553, Humsafar Superfast 12595, Jharkhand Express 12873, Banka Express 13242, Janseva Express 13419, Lichchivi Express 14005, Varanasi-Bareilly Express 14235, Delhi-Ambala Express 14005, Varanasi-Bareilly Express 14235, Delhi-Ambala Express 14005, Varanasi-Bareilly Express 14235, Delhi-Ambala Express 14005, Varanasi-Bareilly Express 14235. At the same time, the list includes Secunderabad-Manoharabad DEMU 07795, Vijayawada-Narasapur Special 07861, Tenali-Repalle Train 07876, Sambalpur-Puri Special 08303, Keviya-Pratapnagar Special 09110, Ratnagiri-Madgaon Special 10101, Barauni-Gwalior Mail 11124, Kanpur Central-New Delhi Train 12033, Shatabdi Train 12034, Haridwar-Amritsar Express 12033, Lucknow-Agra Intercity Train 12034, Haridwar-Amritsar Express 12034, Lucknow-Agra Inter-Agra Train 12034, Lucknow-Agra Intercity Train 12034, Lucknow-Agra Intercity Train 12034, Haridwar-Agra Express 12034.

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