Video: White student strangled Indian student, school took a shameful decision

Houston: At this time a video is going viral which is from the US state of Texas. Here the news of an attack on an Indian-American student has come to the fore. In fact, Shan Preetmani, an Indian-American student at Kopel Middle School here, was attacked by a white student. Now the video of this incident is going viral. In the video, a student can be seen approaching an Indian American boy sitting on a bench and asking him to stand up. Then when he refuses to give up his seat, the American student gets angry and strangles him.

The school also took strong action on this alleged mistreatment of a white American student and suspended her from school for 1 day while the Indian-American student was suspended from school for 3 days. According to the information received, the incident is on May 11 and it happened during lunch at Coppell Middle School North in Texas. Sonika Kukreja, the mother of the victim Indian-American student, says, 'It was terrible, I could not sleep for three nights. It felt like I was suffocating. I cried many times seeing this.'

Despite this, the school administration punished the Indian-American student and suspended him from school for three days, while the student who did the bullying was suspended for only one day.' Kukreja further said that I am seriously concerned about the safety of my children and the message I get from the school board and the police department for not taking action in this matter. We want every child to be treated equally. Bullying should be banned in the school. Seeing this video, the general public has also got angry and is asking about taking action in this matter.

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