First Hydrogen Powered Train of India to run from Haryana Jind District

General Manager of Indian Railways Shobhan Chaudhary revealed that India’s first hydrogen train will commence from Jind Haryana.

The happy news was announced by Shobhan Chaudhry, General Manager of Northern Railway (GM), during her visit to Haryana’s Jind district.

India is getting ready to introduce its first-ever hydrogen-powered train, which is a big step towards adopting sustainable transportation. Compared to conventional diesel trains hydrogen trains use fuel cells to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, which is clean and environmentally beneficial. India’s attempts to cut carbon emissions and fight pollution have made a positive step forward thanks to this ground-breaking project.

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The hydrogen train in India is scheduled to include eight bogies in its first prototype. Passengers will travel comfortably and effectively because of these compartments' excellent design. The initial design demonstrated the potential of hydrogen-powered trains, but further iterations might improve in terms of speed, capacity, and extra features.

Comparing Hydrogen trains to conventional diesel locomotives, there are many environmental advantages. In contrast to their rivals, hydrogen trains release damaging pollutants like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or particulates. Hydrogen is essential for the environment which helps in reducing air pollution, reducing climate change, and improving the overall quality of the environment since they do away with these dangerous pollutants.

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Although Germany had made the most successful hydrogen train. India's entry into this market represents large global trends toward sustainable transportation options. India has joined the group of nations aggressively investing in cutting-edge technologies to create a cleaner and more effective rail network by embracing hydrogen-powered trains. The development of hydrogen train networks has the potential to completely alter how people travel by rail in the future.

India’s first green hydrogen plant has been commissioned by Oil India Limited (OIL) at its Jorhat Pump Station in Assam.

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