Indiscriminate firing in America's Freedom Day Parade, 5 dead''

Washington: The case of firing during the Freedom Day parade in the US has been heard. The Freedom Day parade was being taken out in Chicago's Highland Park area. The shooting took place in the middle of this parade. After the shooting, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the Highland area of Chicago. Reports of five people dying in the shootout are also coming out and many people are reported to have been injured. Police are on the lookout for the attacker.

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 in the US. Meanwhile, parades are held from place to place across the country. The Freedom Day parade was held in Highland Park in the city of Illinois. In the meantime, the shooter started attacking the people participating in the Freedom Day parade with bullets. Some reports say that the shooter was firing from a rooftop. The shooter climbed onto the roof of a retail shop and started firing at people from there.


Let us know that the anti-gun violence law is very important in the context of the incidents of shootings that have rocked the US. A few days before the texas incident, an 18-year-old white man with a "racial sense" was brutally rounded up at a supermarket in the US city of Buffalo, killing 10 black people.  

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