Do you know 'Amrit Kalash' still exists in this Muslim country?
Do you know 'Amrit Kalash' still exists in this Muslim country?

You will hardly know that in the Muslim country of Indonesia, there is a temple where the Amrit Kalash is claimed. The same nectar which was found in the churning of the sea. For your information. In this ancient temple named Kandi Sukuh, such an urn is present in which a substance is known for how many thousands of years. Seeing this, it is believed that it is nectar which has not dried for thousands of years. The nectar that was found at the time of churning is still the same and neither is it dry.

There is also a belief about this Kalash that this is the same Kalash which came out during the sea churning, which also has a Shivling.

Let me tell you, the Adiparva of Mahabharata is inscribed on a wall in the temple. At the beginning of the year 2016, the archeology department here was undergoing repair work, then what the team of experts got from the foundation of this wall, changed their opinion about this temple forever.

At the same time, the team of experts found a copper urn, in which a transparent Shivling was attached. There is a special liquid inside it. It has been found in this research that it has been done very finely with a copper vessel so that it cannot be opened in any way. Apart from this, the most surprising thing is that the carving of 'Amrit Manthan' is present on the wall in which it was found, like the Khajuraho 'idols' in the temple and the mere presence of Adiparva on one wall creates astonishment.

Carbon dating of this urn was said to be around the twelfth century. Malaysia was a completely Hindu nation in this period, but in the fifteenth century, when there was a threat from Islam, then this unique thing must have been hidden in this temple. Many more precious gems have been found with this urn and linga.

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