Water Monsters appeared in China's river, but the truth was shocking

Sep 20 2019 03:12 PM
Water Monsters appeared in China's river, but the truth was shocking

Many times you get to see such creatures, that after seeing them you get scared. In this way, mysterious black colored creatures have appeared in the Yangtze River of China. Earlier, news of a fish had surfaced which was seen differently from normal fish. In this way, now this creature is visible which is being called the monster of water. There is a lot of ruckus about this video. Let's know about it.

According to a report, Peer Video has posted this video. Which has 6 million views. People were talking about this video in many ways. Let us tell you, on social media, this creature was being called 'Three Gorges Water Monster'. According to the information, this creator was seen in the Three George Dame of Hubei province amidst waves. Some speculated that it was born due to increased pollution, others described it as a mythological monster.

According to a portal, scientists quoted these theories as rubbish and said that it could be a giant snake found in water. When it was taken out, everyone was shocked. Nobody ever had seen such a creature. When it was taken out, it came out to be a 65-foot big airbag. People working on a ferry pier found a long piece of black tubing, which was left from a shipyard. So what the demons thought was actually an airbag.

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