Indore: Students protested half-naked in unemployment rally

Feb 18 2020 04:41 PM
Indore: Students protested half-naked in unemployment rally

Indore: The students of the agricultural college have staged a unique protest on Monday, in which more than 500 students, tired of unemployment, marched from the agricultural college to the collector's office. Meanwhile, he also raised slogans against the administration. The allegation of all these students is that the first and present government has not filled the vacant posts even after being dismissed with the students, due to which they are forced to wander even after doing BSP, MSc. All these students have been sitting on an indefinite strike since 11 February. But the government is not taking care of them.

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Students have told that they are protesting against the stalled posts in the agricultural sector and rising unemployment. He has been sitting on an indefinite strike since February 11. But no government has come to ask our problems, on Monday, more than 500 students of 12 colleges of Indore in agriculture sector got angry against the government. In which the students marched in half-hearted manner and reached the Collector office and submitted memorandum about the demands. Between March, students said that 5129 posts in agriculture sector are vacant in MP.

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At the rally, students also raised fierce slogans against Kamal Nath government. Meanwhile, he kept saying ... how will the state be saved when the students of agriculture will remain unemployed. You should be informed that 264 posts of Assistant Director Agriculture Officer are vacant in the department, 304 posts of Senior Agriculture Officer, 824 posts of Agricultural Development Officer, 2466 posts of Rural Agricultural Extension Officer and hundreds of posts are also available in Horticulture Department. .

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