Former cricketer Akash Chopra says "Dhoni was not a fan of DRS"
Former cricketer Akash Chopra says

DRS is known as Dhoni Review System on social media. But the correct full form of DRS is "Decision Review System". The reason behind this is that whenever MS Dhoni takes a DRS call while standing behind the wicket, the result is that 9 out of 10 times the result is in favour of the team. Disclosing this, former cricketer Akash Chopra said that Dhoni was not initially a fan of DRS.

Talking with Pakistan broadcaster Savera Pasha, Aakash Chopra has said, "India was the first team to use DRS during a series against Sri Lanka in about 2008. But then the team captain was not MS Dhoni, The captain of the team was Anil Kumble. We made some very bad DRS calls in that series. It was new that we did not use the technique properly. Then we all decided that we do not like it and if If we don't like it, then we won't even use it. MS Dhoni was not a fan of DRS. A team captain's thinking is very important for you. Dhoni was convinced that the technology is not complete proof. There are still many problems with the umpire's call, there are still problems with the soft-signal." Chopra further said that with Virat Kohli taking charge of the team, the Indian team has accepted DRS in a full way, as Kohli is a big fan of this technology.

Noted veteran commentator and cricket expert Aakash Chopra have also said, "I have been a fan of DRS since day one. If you ask me about this, if you don't adopt technology, you better not do it, but I was not even playing at that time. The fact is that Dhoni did not like it one bit. So, if he did not like it, India did not use it. And now when Kohli has become the captain there has been a lot of change."

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