'Inter-State Water Disputes Act' creates more disputes: Bommai
'Inter-State Water Disputes Act' creates more disputes: Bommai

Basavaraj Bommai, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, said on Saturday that the 'Inter-State Water Problems Act' has to be completely revised because it produces more disputes than it resolves. He was speaking at a conference in the southern states about the 'Jal Jeevan Mission' and 'Swachh Bharat Mission' (Rural) Projects.

"The Inter-State Water Disputes Act needs to be completely rewritten." The term "interstate water disputes legislation" is self-explanatory. It causes more conflicts than it resolves. Instead of limited political concerns, we need to change our law so that more water is available for different groups of people," Bommai stated. River basin management, he maintained, is the only solution.

The CM emphasised the importance of high-quality irrigation efficiency, claiming that a lot of water is wasted in irrigation.

"At the national level, our canal carrying capacity is not more than 45 percent, thus there is a deficit of about 55 percent in our canal carrying capacity," he stated. A lot of water will be available once we improve all of these things." He also mentioned that we are experiencing environmental issues, saying that perennial rivers are becoming seasonal rivers and that rivers are drying up even before they reach the sea.

Bommai pledged unwavering efforts to complete Jal Jeevan Mission projects in Karnataka on time, saying that out of the 97.91 lakh rural households, tapped water should be provided to 25 lakh in the first phase, with about 18 lakh achieved so far, and the target of 25 lakh would be met within the next few months.

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