Iran Supreme Leader says the country seeks peaceful use of nuke energy
Iran Supreme Leader says the country seeks peaceful use of nuke energy

TEHRAN – Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that the country seeks to use nuclear energy in a "peaceful" manner rather than for nuclear weapons.

"Despite their understanding of our peaceful use (of nuclear energy), the enemy's focus on the Iranian nuclear problem and imposition of repressive sanctions is to obstruct the country's scientific progress aimed at meeting Iran's future demands," the Supreme Leader remarked.

The enemy, according to Khamenei, has targeted public opinion, particularly the minds of the Iranian youth, by investing billions of dollars and devising numerous plans in their think tanks to dissuade them from the Islamic revolution's goals.

"Economic pressure" and "media operations," he said, are two main apparatus of "arrogance" used to separate people from the Islamic establishment, with "lies and slandering the basis of the revolution and the institutions that help the revolution progress being the methods used in their media operations."

Meanwhile, Khamenei emphasised the importance of depending on domestic resources to deal with economic and punitive difficulties. "Diplomacy is also beneficial," he said, referring to the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria. "Just as our good, revolutionary brothers are attempting to persuade the other side to abolish sanctions."

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