Is drinking milk good for the stomach in summer or not? Know the right way to drink milk in summer
Is drinking milk good for the stomach in summer or not? Know the right way to drink milk in summer

A groundbreaking solution might soon make hangovers a thing of the past. Researchers have developed a gel that promises to swiftly eliminate the effects of alcohol consumption, providing a safer alternative for partygoers and drinkers. This innovative gel, created through a combination of iron atoms and milk protein beta-lactoglobulin, aims to transform ethanol into acetate, effectively removing the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

How Does the Gel Work?

Our bodies naturally break down alcohol, converting it into acetaldehyde, which is responsible for hangovers. However, acetaldehyde can be harmful to the liver. This new gel is designed to directly convert alcohol into acetate, preventing the formation of toxic by-products. Similar to a hydrogel-based nano-delivery system, it operates efficiently within the digestion system.

The Need for Hangover Solutions

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol-related causes claim the lives of nearly 3 million people annually. Alcohol not only affects the stomach and intestinal lining but also disrupts blood circulation. Even moderate alcohol consumption can lead to various health risks, including liver diseases, gastrointestinal inflammation, and cancer. Thus, daily alcohol intake is deemed hazardous.

Researchers at ETH Zurich have explored this protein gel as a means to combat alcohol-induced damage. Studies indicate that the gel rapidly converts alcohol into acetic acid in the bloodstream before it can cause harm to the body.

Benefits of Hangover-Reducing Gel

Rafael Mezzenga, a professor at ETH Zurich's Food and Soft Materials Laboratory, explains that the gel directs alcohol breakdown away from the liver and into the digestive tract, preventing the production of acetaldehyde, a toxic substance associated with excessive alcohol consumption. This gel could be consumed before or after drinking to mitigate the effects of alcohol, potentially reducing the risk of poisoning.

Composition of the Gel

Researchers utilized proteins to create the gel, boiling them for hours to form long, thin fibers. These fibers intertwine upon mixing with salt and water, resulting in the gel's formation. Additionally, iron atoms were incorporated into the gel to facilitate alcohol breakdown. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide, triggered by the reaction in the intestine, further aids in this process. The inclusion of gold ensures the gel remains effective over an extended period.

Expected Market Availability

Researchers have already filed for a patent for the gel and are undergoing clinical trials before seeking approval for human use. Once regulatory requirements are met, this hangover-alleviating gel could become commercially available. Efforts are underway to expedite this process and make the gel accessible to the general public.

With the development of this alcohol-dissolving gel, individuals may soon have a safer and more effective solution for managing hangovers. By harnessing the power of science and technology, researchers are paving the way for healthier drinking habits and reducing the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

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