Kannada Superstar Arrested in Connection with Murder of Young Man Linked to Girlfriend, Apprehended from Mysore Hotel
Kannada Superstar Arrested in Connection with Murder of Young Man Linked to Girlfriend, Apprehended from Mysore Hotel

In a recent development, Bengaluru police have apprehended Kannada superstar Darshan Thugudipa and actress Pavitra Gauda along with 11 other individuals in connection with a murder case. The police conducted this operation on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. The victim, identified as Renuka Swami, 33 years old, originally hailed from the Chitradurga district. The motive behind the murder is said to be Renuka Swami's alleged sending of obscene messages to Pavitra.

Swami, a resident of Chitradurga, worked at a medical store. Mistaking a fake account created under Pavitra's name on Instagram as genuine, he left derogatory comments. Upon being shown Swami's comments by his associate Pawan, Darshan became furious and decided to take matters into his own hands. On Saturday, June 8, 2024, Swami was abducted by Darshan's accomplice Raghevendra along with some others while he was on his way from home to the medical store. He was then transported to Bengaluru.

Here, Swami was kept at a location under the name of Vinay. Raghevendra, Jagadish, Raju, Karthik, and Nikhil subjected Swami to brutal assault. Later that evening, Darshan himself, along with his associates, arrived at the location and assaulted Swami again. It is reported that due to continuous beatings, Swami succumbed to his injuries at Vinay's residence. His body remained there overnight.

In the early hours of Sunday, Darshan and some of his associates concealed the body and transported it to the Kamakshi Palya area. There, they disposed of Swami's body in a drain. However, due to haste, the body remained near the drain. A security guard of an apartment noticed the body and informed the police, initiating the investigation.

Meanwhile, Darshan had been in Mysuru since June 9 for the shooting of his film 'Devil'. Bengaluru police traced Darshan to Mysuru and apprehended him from a prominent hotel. He was brought back to Bengaluru for interrogation. Subsequently, Pavitra, Raghevendra, Vinay, Lakshman, Nandisha, Nikhil, Keshav, Karthik, Pradosh, Nagaraj, Pawan, and Deepak were also detained.

The court remanded Darshan and the other accused individuals into police custody for six days. Currently, the police are on the lookout for four other suspects who are still at large. It's worth noting that Kannada actress Pavitra Gauda had revealed in January 2024 about her long-term relationship with actor Darshan, sharing their photos on social media.

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