Will WhatsApp Web service stop? Know the whole truth

WhatsApp has rolled out the multi-device support feature for its users and can be launched for all users soon. Users are eagerly waiting for this feature, but many users are also worried about what will happen to the WhatsApp Web after multi-device support arrives. Will the company stop this service? A Spokesperson of WhatsApp has answered these questions while discussing.

Coming to the same WhatsApp Web, users have to scan QR codes to access WhatsApp Web or Windows and macOS apps. Then, the mobile in which the app is installed should always connect to the Internet. New SMS can be obtained on a desktop or computer only when there is the internet. If the main device does not have internet, the message will not be received on the desktop. But this has changed in WhatsApp's new multi-device feature. This feature allows users to use WhatsApp on other devices even after the main device is not connected to the Internet.

The same WhatsApp multi-device feature can connect a maximum of four devices with primary devices. The question is what will happen to WhatsApp Web after this feature is rolled out for all users. Replying to this question, a WhatsApp spokesperson said that WhatsApp Web remains an important platform for our users. Until now, WhatsApp was available on just one device at a time. Desktop and web portals are used to mirror your mobile, which means you can use WhatsApp on the desktop only after your mobile is turned on and the Internet is active.

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