Corona outbreak stops in Italy and Spain, death figures decrease
Corona outbreak stops in Italy and Spain, death figures decrease

Rome: In many countries of Europe the speed of coronavirus has slowed down to some extent. In Italy, which was once struggling badly with Corona, there have been only 71 deaths from Corona in the last 24 hours. Since the epidemic started in the country, the number of deaths so far has reached 34,114. In Italy, the total number of active cases has come down to 31,210, which is 1,162 less than Tuesday.

Of these active cases, 249 are in intensive care and 4,320 people are admitted to hospital with symptoms. The remaining 27,141 or about 86 percent people are in isolation at home. These either have no symptoms or are minor symptoms. Meanwhile, 1,293 corona patients have become healthy, which has increased the number of people who have been freed from this deadly virus to 1,69,939. Let us tell you that the total number of corona cases including infections, deaths and healthy patients has increased to 2,35,763 in the last 24 hours, 202 more than Tuesday. On the other hand, there is no new death from corona in Spain for the third consecutive day. happened. According to the ministry here, a total of 27,136 people have died in Spain from Corona till Wednesday. However, this figure has not increased since Sunday.

The ministry also informed that 40 people have lost their lives due to the virus in the last seven days. On the other hand, seven days of death figures were seen on Tuesday and the figures were below 50. However, an increase in the number of new cases is being seen by PCR test.

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