Know why 18,000 people died in Italy of Corona and where the country went wrong
Know why 18,000 people died in Italy of Corona and where the country went wrong

Like other countries of the world, Italy has the worst conditions with the deadly coronavirus. The epidemic in this European country is causing the most deaths. Experts believe that Italy is suffering the brunt of the delay in the lockdown. Initially, the steps in the country became serious due to the slow steps taken in the prevention of the epidemic. About one lakh 40 thousand people are infected in the country. About 18 thousand people have lost their lives.

In his statement, Italy's leading virusologist Roberto Barioni said, "In the initial stages, the Italian authorities did not take decisive steps to prevent the virus. This rapidly spreading threat was being underestimated. ' The lockdown in Italy has been extended to mid-April to deal with the Corona epidemic. Most government and health officials have recommended a long-term lockdown.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, while expressing a similar path on Wednesday, said, "If we start loosening the measures, all our efforts so far will be in vain." We have to pay a heavy price for this. We appeal to all people to follow the measures. '' The same three cases were reported on 15 February last in Italy and by March 10, the number of infected people had crossed ten thousand. The government had closed schools in the northern regions of the Corona-affected country since March 8 and banned public gatherings. This was followed by a nationwide lockdown from March 10. Based on the analysis, the researchers said that the infection had spread much before the lockdown.

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