Jennifer Lopez said something shocking about her mother

American singer actress and dancer Jennifer Lopez has a huge fan following across the world. Jennifer, 52,  is still full of strong energy when she performs on stage. Everyone is a fan of Jennifer's music. Although Jennifer is often in the headlines, but this time the reason for her coming into the limelight is something else. The documentary movie Halftime on Jennifer's personal life has been released on Netflix. As soon as the release of this movie, there is a commotion among the fans.  

In this half-time movie of one and a half hours, many revelations related to Jennifer's life have also started to be made, every detail from her childhood till now is also included in this documentary. Jennifer has not got stardom like this, how much hard work, how much pain is hidden behind it, this documentary tells some such story.  

Jennifer who is a victim of depression: According to media reports, according to the halftime movie, the media has also made incalculable interference in Jennifer's personal life.   While it was common for the actress to become jokes, the American media was also making racism comments on her. Talking about this, Jennifer said, "That period of the year 2000 was no less than an exploitation. I used to get depressed, many times I thought I'd leave everything. Let's quit it all. Who I am, my faith in myself was gone. According to media reports, Jennifer'  s fiance Ben Affleck is saying in the documentary, "I used to tell her that all this doesn't bother you?" To which Jennifer would say, "What to do, I am a Latina, a woman." I have full hope for it. Yes, but you still expect people to treat you well. '

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