Naxalites took sleeping labourers hostage, killed them with bombing

Gumla: In Jharkhand, the dread of the Naxalite movement continues. Naxalites attacked the new Kurumgarh police station in the Chainpur area of Gumla district. The Naxalites kidnapped the sleeping labourers before the bombing and blowing them up. A section of the structure was entirely demolished. The other section, on the other hand, had fractures in it. On Thursday, around 12:15 p.m., the event occurred.

According to reports, 7 construction workers were residing on the premises. The Naxalites took the workers out of the building and seized possession of them before setting off a bomb measuring 200 kg. The number of Naxalites, according to the employees, was around 200. The police arrived at the scene 12 hours after the event. A search operation against Naxalites has been begun by Gumla police and the CRPF.


Just half a km from the scene of the event, there is a makeshift police station. A CRPF company is also stationed here, in addition to the Jharkhand Police Force. Even then, the Naxalites confronted the police and detonated a bomb in the thana building. The Naxalites liberated the employees and fled after blowing up the structure. According to media accounts, the Naxalites had made extensive preparations for the attack. Around 200 Naxalites attacked it at the same time. Naxalites from the Latehar and Lohardaga regions had also arrived in Gumla with the intention of blowing up the thana structure. After blowing up the structure, the Naxalites waited for the police to arrive for a while, hoping to damage them. The Naxalites fled when the police army failed to arrive at the location late at night. A similar occurrence has scared a lot of others.

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