Terrorists attack on IS, 32 people killed
Terrorists attack on IS, 32 people killed

Kabul: Everyone has been troubled in today's time due to increasing crime and terrorist attacks. At the same time, every day such a case comes to the fore, which surprises and even bothers people. There has been a huge terrorist attack in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Friday, in which Afghanistan's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah narrowly escaped. On Friday, gunmen opened fire at a program in Kabul, killing at least 32 people. Apart from this, dozens of people have been injured. Officials said that in retaliation, the police have also killed two gunmen. The terrorist organization IS claimed responsibility for this attack, while the Taliban said that they had no hand in this attack. IS militants have declared war against minority Shias. The program in which the shootings took place was mostly Shia.

According to the information, the event was organized on the death anniversary of Shia Hajra leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Afghanistan, in which most of the people involved were Shia. Mazari was assassinated on this day in 1995 by the Taliban. In this program, many veteran leaders including Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Abdullah participated. Abdullah Abdullah is also the leader of the opposition in Afghanistan. In the presidential election last year, he gave a tough fight to Ashraf Ghani.

It is also being told that immediately before this terrorist attack, Abdullah Abdullah and other leaders had left. If they stayed there for a while, the gunmen could have come under attack. This terrorist attack in Afghanistan is seen when the peace agreement between the US and Taliban is signed. Under this, the US has agreed to withdraw its army from Afghanistan. The United States has also imposed a condition on the Taliban to end its ties with terrorist organizations.

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