Kamya Panjabi discusses her plans for Karwa Chauth this year
Kamya Panjabi discusses her plans for Karwa Chauth this year

Actress Kamya Punjabi, also known as Gauri, from the Sanjog film, Karva Chauth, is observing a fast in honour of her husband. She discussed some of her most cherished festival memories as well as how she intended to observe the holiday this year. What she has to say about the festival is as follows.

Gauri in the movie Sanjog is played by Kamya Punjabi, who said, "I always used to see how all the ladies get ready for Karva Chauth wearing a red saree, indoor, and everything. As a result, for me, this occasion has always been about getting ready, but after I met Shalabh, I decided to start fasting, and I've been doing so for the past three years. My fourth Karva Chauth fast will take place this year. I don't observe the fast because of the customs; rather, it is more about my feelings of love and affection for him. Even though it can be challenging at times when I'm shooting, my feelings for my husband give me the power to get through the day. We make sure to meet up on this day because we are in a long-distance relationship, and I am looking forward to this year's Karwa Chauth as well. We celebrate this occasion with a lot of love and romance. To look unique for this Karva Chauth, I am also creating my own clothing.

Watch the upcoming episodes of Sanjog instead, where Gauri and Amrita have become mothers and the swapping of the children has altered the entire plot, while Kamya's stunning Karva Chauth celebrations will leave you in awe.

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