Karnataka state welfare department to open up government run salons
Karnataka state welfare department to open up government run salons

To resolve the continued media reports of Dalits in the state being discriminated over basic needs such as a haircut Karnataka’s Social Welfare Ministry has proposed a idea of setting up government-run barber shops across the state. This move will let the Dalits to get basic amenities with no hazard. As per the social welfare department plan, officials have already begun identifying places to set up the government run barber shops and have recommended that local village panchayats compile lists of people who are ready to be hired as barbers on a contract basis. 

“This is an effort to fight caste differentiation and atrocities against the community. The social welfare department has recommended this as we have taken note of a series of cases that have been reported as well as the cases that have occurred over the years where Dalits and OBCs have been denied their basic rights,” said a senior official from the social welfare department. “To put an end to all the differentiation, the department  has come up with this plan.” 

Last week, a mysuru based barber alleged of discrimination. There are other reports of Dalits being discriminated for these basic needs. In 2019, a dalit from Hulikal walked 8 Km to shave or haircut. One more incident was reported in 2017 from Haranagiri in Ranebennur district of Karnataka. 

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