Kashmir Files’s Director Vivek Agnihotri slammed Boycott trends, You are wrong..
Kashmir Files’s Director Vivek Agnihotri slammed Boycott trends, You are wrong..

These days various movies are called for Boycotts which directly affected their Box office including Laal Singh Chaddha, Rakshabandhan and Dobaaraa called of boycott which directly affect the box office Business.

Kasmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri recently opens up on Boycott Trends, The director said, "I am not endorsing any boycott of Bollywood. The industry employs millions of Indians as cameramen, technicians, artists, choreographers, and make-up artists and when we target the industry we target their livelihoods too. Absolutely crazy to do that. Suddenly everyone on social media has decided to target industries, and jobs of people, especially those who may (have) different opinions from us. Then what's the difference between Lonny left and us. Let us not try to become god almighty."

He further added, “You are wrong here. Flopping of a movie impacts only stars and producers. Technicians like cameraman or make-up artists and crew get their salaries irrespective of a film’s BO performance. It’s like saying if Gandhi dynasty loses, farmers, labours and working class also loses. That was a much-needed clarification. All these so-called artists won't hide behind the excuse of technicians."

Earlier Filmmaker Goldie Behl on the trends said, “No I don’t think so any film can tank at the box office because of a trend of boycotting the film. My understanding is that if you see the percentage of the people going to theatres to watch the film vs on social media you will get the answer out there. I feel no trend or anything can stop a good film from succeeding. I firmly believe in this. I have been in the industry for a very long time and if a film connects with the audience, nothing can stop it from succeeding. But at the same time, it’s really unfortunate that people are building up this negativity. I don’t know if such hate campaigns are affecting the performances of the film or if it's coinciding with the film, not doing well. A good movie will work despite all odds.”

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