Keep these things in mind during the fast in Chaitra Navratri, otherwise you will have to face heavy consequences

March 22, means Chaitra Navratri has started from today. The Shailputri form of the Goddess is worshiped on the first day of Navratri. On Chaitra Navratri, the devotees of Mata Rani worship her with full rituals. Along with this, devotees also fast for nine days to please the mother. After nine days, the fast is broken after Kanya Pujan and Havan. However, some people keep fast only on the first and last day of Navratri. During the same fast, if you do not take care of some important things, then your health can deteriorate. So let us tell you today what things should be eaten immediately after breaking the fast.

What to eat and what not to eat immediately after a 9-day fast: 

* If you are fasting for nine days in Navratri, then due to fasting, there is a lack of sugar in the body. In such a situation, avoid eating heavy food to open the fast. Also, do not eat too much at the same time, this can also cause problems.  
* It is okay to consume fruits to open the fast, but do not consume citrus fruits at all. This is because eating citrus fruits immediately after fasting can increase the problem of acidity.  
* Most people consume tea and coffee to open the fast. So that's also a bad choice. Taking caffeinated things after being hungry for a long time can cause gas and acidity problems.
* In many homes, many types of dishes are made to open the fast, which contain plenty of salt, chili, spices and oil. By eating this type of food after fasting for the whole day, the stomach is not able to digest it easily, which cancause stomach pain and gas problems.
* When the fast is opened after 9 days, choose light, low oily spicy food in the food. With this, your body will definitely get nutrients and there will be no problems with health.

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