Kishwer-Suyyash, the newly wedded are upset!

Jan 17 2017 12:49 PM
Kishwer-Suyyash, the newly wedded are upset!

The lovebirds after enjoying their dating phase for long time tied the knot in December. The beautiful Kishwer Merchantt got hitched to her boyfriend Suyyash Rai last month.

After their fairytale wedding ceremony, they thrown a grand reception and even they inked with an identical couple tattoos.

However, the lovely couple is upset and the reason is Kishwer’s wedding ring. The diamond wedding ring of Kishwer is creating trouble for her as the diamond are falling apart from the ring in just after the few days of wedding.

Kishwer shared her woes on Twitter and slammed the brand for hurting her emotions:

Kishwer @KishwerM #kiah within a mnth of my marriage the diamond fell off twice.. they took bk the ring for 10 days..&they dnt care.. do not shop at kiah


Kishwer @KishwerM #kiah the worst jewellery store ever .. pls do not buy jewellery from here .. the quality and the service is horrible.. no sentimental value

Suyyash Rai @suyyashrai Suyyash also joined in agreement with his wife and tweeted:

Twice in a month dimonds have fallen off the wedding ring ...WOW Plz dont go to KIAH ever...they dunn value the emotions and feelings .

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