Knew that the child would not survive... SP leader's son said - That's why the car was not stopped; Caught with the help of 40 cameras
Knew that the child would not survive... SP leader's son said - That's why the car was not stopped; Caught with the help of 40 cameras

Tragedy unfolded in Gomtinagar, as a routine skating practice session took a horrific turn, claiming the life of a promising young skater. The incident occurred near Janeshwar Park, adding another chapter to the rising cases of road accidents in the region.

CCTV Footage Unveils the Shocking Incident

As the skater descended from the bridge towards Maggi Point, the first clues emerged from a CCTV camera strategically placed in the vicinity. Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Ashish Srivastava revealed that the footage initially showed an SUV, but the license plate remained elusive.

Intensive Footage Analysis Unveils the Culprit

A meticulous analysis of approximately 40 cameras along the route eventually led to the discovery of the SUV's trail. The breakthrough came as the SUV's identity was established, prompting the police to swiftly reach the suspect's residence. This incident follows the tragic death of an MBA student on Shaheed Path just two months ago, an unsolved case until now.

Unraveling the Mystery of Unsolved Hit-and-Run Cases

The inability to trace the vehicle involved in the earlier hit-and-run on Shaheed Path has been a persistent challenge for the police. With limited and blurry footage, the investigation faced hurdles. In response, the police have now installed a dozen cameras at their level to enhance surveillance and security in the area.

Skating Without Safety Measures on Busy Roads

The incident highlights the lack of safety measures for skating enthusiasts practicing on the busy streets. Several skating clubs, including the renowned Namish Team, gather daily near Gate No. 6 of Janeshwar Mishra Park for unofficial practice sessions. Surprisingly, there is a lack of official permission and inadequate security in the area. Skating on major roads, including G-20 and other routes, adds an element of negligence to the situation.

Preparations for Escape: A Troubling Revelation

Upon apprehending the suspects, it was revealed that they had already informed their families about the incident and were attempting to flee. The culprits had even turned off their mobile phones, making it challenging for the police to track them down.

A String of Hit-and-Run Incidents Haunts the Region

The recent incident adds to a series of hit-and-run tragedies in the region:

  • November 5: Manorama Bhai and her friend were heading to Haidergarh when a vehicle from the opposite direction collided with them, resulting in Manorama's tragic death.
  • October 29: Sumit Verma from Niralanagar was returning from watching a match when a speeding car near the Ramakrishna Math collided with his vehicle, leading to his demise.
  • September 17: The Deva Road area witnessed a collision that claimed the lives of Barabanki resident Rajendra Kumar and his stepbrother Deepak.

The Heart-Wrenching Scene and A Mother's Agony

The incident involving the son of Additional SP Shweta Srivastava unfolded on G-20 Road on a Tuesday morning. As the young skater, Namish, was enjoying his skating session, a Mahindra XUV 700 approached from Shaheed Path, delivering a fatal blow. Despite the severity of the impact, the driver chose to flee instead of stopping.

Racing Against Time: Police Swiftly Apprehend the Culprits

Utilizing CCTV footage, the police managed to identify and arrest the son of a former district panchayat member and his accomplice within ten hours. The arrest took place in Sanjay Gandhipuram in the Gazipur police station area. Shweta Srivastava, an ASI in the Special Investigation Team, played a crucial role in securing the arrest. Her nine-year-old son, Namish, was a third-grade student at St. Francis Gomtinagar and was learning skating.

A Community Shaken: Grief and Outrage Erupt

The tragic incident has left the community shaken, with grief and outrage spreading rapidly. District officials, including DCP Ashish Srivastava and Special DCP Law and Order Prashant Kumar, visited the grieving family to offer condolences and support.

The Untold Agony: A Mother Witnesses Her Son's Tragic End

Witnessing her son's fatal accident, Shweta Srivastava, accompanied by other onlookers, stood momentarily in shock. The realization that the joyous skating session had turned into a nightmare left everyone in profound sorrow.

Legal Actions Taken: FIR Filed Under Non-Intentional Murder Charges

The police have registered an FIR under non-intentional murder charges, reflecting the severity of the incident. The suspects, Sarthak Singh and his friend, Devashree Varma, were apprehended in the investigation. Devashree, the niece of Kanpur-based jeweler Anshul Varma, had left with an SUV owned by her uncle.

Grieving Mother's Revelation: "I Knew He Wouldn't Survive"

During police interrogation, the suspects revealed that they were aware the impact would be fatal and chose not to stop. The mother of the deceased police officer's son made a chilling admission, stating that she knew the child wouldn't survive the collision. This revelation has added a disturbing layer to the case.

Parents of the Accused Brought to Justice: A Pivotal Twist

In an unexpected turn, the police also arrested Sarthak's father, Ravindra Singh alias Pappu, a former district panchayat member from Ramnagar, Barabanki. This development suggests that the wheels of justice are turning swiftly to bring all responsible parties to account.

A Grieving Community Awaits Justice

As the community mourns the loss of Namish, a promising young talent, the wheels of justice are in motion. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for enhanced safety measures for recreational activities on public roads.

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