88-year-old Badwale Baba planted several thousand trees of Bad-Peepal in 70 villages of 8 districts
88-year-old Badwale Baba planted several thousand trees of Bad-Peepal in 70 villages of 8 districts

Sikar: An 88-year-old man is turning this Rajasthani proverb into truth. He is 88-year-old Manroop Jethu of Jethwa ka Bas village in Fatehpur. If you call him not only Manroop but also Bad wale Baba, it would not be wrong. He has a deep love for trees like Banyan and Peepal which release oxygen 24 hours a day and live for thousands of years. For the past 29 years, he has been going from village to village and planting trees.

In these 29 years, he has planted about 10 thousand trees of different types but the special thing is that he has gone to about 70 villages in 8 districts and planted Banyan, Peepal and Neem trees. Manroop Jethu has planted more than a thousand trees at the cremation ground and other public places of Jethwa Ka Bas village. Many of these trees have grown very big now. He has watered most of the trees himself. Even now, despite his old age, he waters some trees daily.

Also has knowledge of Ayurveda: Reports say that Manroop Jethu, a resident of the village, has a good knowledge of Ayurveda. People from nearby villages keep asking him about indigenous medicines. All the trees he has planted have been planted with his own money. He has been associated with social service since the beginning. He has a son who is an English lecturer. Manroop has also become an expert in planting trees. When people from many villages plant banyan or peepal trees in the village, he takes them along to plant them.

He got inspiration when he planted a tree, then it became a habit: He says that 29 years ago some people used to cut Banyan trees. He stopped them but they still did not listen. He brought a branch of this Banyan tree and planted it in the village. After the tree was planted, he resolved to make every place green. He developed an attachment with Banyan and Peepal because they have religious significance and these trees release oxygen 24 hours a day. The Big Peepal trees planted by him in the village have now grown very big. After this, wherever he went, he planted Banyan, Peepal and Neem trees.

Trees have been planted in these districts: Not only this, Manroop Jethu has planted trees in about 70 villages of Sojat in Pali district, Bhadra in Hanumangarh, Sandwa in Churu, Kailash village, Khinvsar in Nagaur, Nokha in Bikaner, Jodhpur, Sikar and Jhunjhunu. He has planted trees continuously for many years in many villages around his own village. So far, he has planted about 10 thousand trees.

Note:- This news is 7 years old, so there has been no change in the age of the person. Through this news, we want to convey the message to people that how important trees are for human life. 

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