Know what is an immune passport?
Know what is an immune passport?

There is a lot of talk of restarting economies in the world. But the governments of every country are trying to ensure that the population of Coronavirus is minimized by ending the lockdown. There is evasion among governments regarding the defence passport, risk-free certificate. Because there is no consensus about this passport. An immune passport is issued to those people in whom a specific antibody against the coronavirus has developed.

Know what is an antibody
It is a blood-circulating protein produced by white blood cells, which the immune system in our body uses to destroy viruses or bacteria. This particular protein neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and viruses in a very limited time.

WHO in a brief note, "There is 'no evidence' that people who have developed antibodies after recovering from the infection will not get the infection again and that Is safe from it." Most studies suggest that people who have once been cured of corona infection have antibodies in their blood, but there are some people who have low antibody levels.

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