Next pandemic may come from Amazon's rain forest, researchers cautious
Next pandemic may come from Amazon's rain forest, researchers cautious

Washington: The Corona epidemic continues, and by when it will end, there is no sign of it. The fear of another epidemic has caught the breath of scientists and researchers. Nature is angry and it seems that it has made up its mind to punish our excesses. Therefore, where the next epidemic is coming from, the area is called the lungs of the earth. That is, in the coming days, an epidemic can arise from the rain forest of Amazon.

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The big reason for this may be the indiscriminate felling of trees in the forests here. Scientists have warned about the indiscriminate cutting of forests. They say that this is attacking the habitat of wild animals which can see dangerous effects in the coming days. Researchers on the ecosystem say that urbanization has increased the risk of zoonotic diseases. In zoonotic disease, animals do not get sick but have the ability to make humans sick.

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This disease means that the infection will spread from animals to humans. The coronavirus is also included in this category. In relation to this, scientists speculate that it spread in bats before humans and then the infection took a fatal form in Wuhan, China.

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