Know why people go to Singapore to spend their holidays

Singapore is a unique country in the world, perhaps that's why everyone thinks of coming here and working. Singapore has the world's largest economy despite not having many resources. It holds an important business position in the world. Singapore's economy is worth US$ 250 billion. Singapore has been number one in the ease of doing business rankings for 10 years. Singapore has shown the whole world that no country is larger or smaller than the population and size, but the scale of its development is the lives of the people living in it. Today Singapore is the centre of the world's economy, the centre of education and the centre of research.

The crime rate in Singapore is considered to be the lowest. Dishonest leaders and officers are unable to live here because of strict laws. Singapore has always occupied the top ratings of rating agencies. On the other hand, Singapore ranks second in Asia on the scale of corruption that is corruption here is non-existent.

90 per cent of the country's population owns their own houses. The world has the highest number of trains per capita by population. So here is the world's busiest and earning port. Singapore was only two and a half times richer than India at the time of its independence, but after just 40 years of hard work, Singapore has become more than 15 times richer than India.

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