K'taka SDPI on NIA raids: Why is there no analogous action on RSS?:

BANGALORE: The state Social Democratic Party of India (SDP) officials reacted vehemently to the recent NIA searches in Karnataka and other states on the leaders and offices of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India, calling the RSS a "terrorist" organisation and asking why the RSS was not targeted.

Bhaskar Prasad, the general secretary of the SDPI, declared to the public on Monday that the RSS is a terrorist group and has not yet received formal organisation recognition.

The RSS leaders have a lot of tools on hand to deal with vociferous people.

The SDPI has never committed a single act that is against the laws of the country. 98% of the cases brought against SDPI were dismissed by the courts. In relation to the explosions in Malegaon and other blasts, the name RSS has been mentioned. He said, "BJP is trying to abuse power and is eliminating the opposition.

"The Congress is supporting the BJP's effort to outlaw the SDPI. The SDPI party strives to stop the BJP from establishing "Manuwadi Bharat." RSS employees worship swords and knives at "Ayudha Puja." The RSS instructs women on how to use firearms and other weapons. According to Prasad, Mohan Bhagvat personally revealed this.

"Why doesn't the NIA search the offices and homes of the RSS leaders? The NIA is being cared for by the central government, which has placed a collar on its neck. The NIA was established by P. Chidambaram, a former Union Home Minister. However, he has repeatedly stated that the NIA is lost, according to Prasad.

Devanur Puttananjaiah, a senior leader of the SDPI, claimed: "SDPI and PFI have never discussed religion anywhere. The SDPI spoke out in the country. The nation is in peril. Nobody approached the corpses while the corona pandemic was at its worst. They were incinerated by SDPI employees, he said.

Why do you refer to the SDPI as a Muslim party? We are all Hindus in the party, despite the fact that it was started by a Muslim. I used to be a government employee. Within SDPI, there is democracy. I am eligible for state president. The country is experiencing numerous crises. There hasn't been a single news conference from PM Modi. They are constructing a Brahmin nation, not a Hindu one, Puttananjaiah said.

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