Lalduhoma Set to Take Oath as Mizoram CM on Dec 8
Lalduhoma Set to Take Oath as Mizoram CM on Dec 8

Lalduhoma from Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) is set to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Mizoram on December 8. He met with Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati to stake claim for forming the state government.

Following the meeting, Lalduhoma confirmed his oath-taking ceremony at Rajbhavan on December 8 and expressed gratitude for the Governor's support. Emphasizing their priorities, he highlighted plans to boost agricultural product procurement, selecting four key items for immediate focus.

Addressing the issue of Myanmar refugees in Mizoram, Lalduhoma asserted their status as Indian citizens, echoing discussions with the Home Minister. He assured further dialogue on this matter during his visit to Delhi.

The ZPM's landslide victory in the recent elections, winning 27 out of 40 assembly constituencies, marked a significant shift in Mizoram's political landscape. Celebrations included a special worship service, where newly elected MLA Baryl Vanneihsangi credited the community's women for their support.

The ZPM's emergence as a dominant political force, ending the traditional power shifts between the MNF and Congress in Mizoram, reflects a monumental change. Lalduhoma's journey from overseeing Indira Gandhi's security detail to leading ZPM's historic win illustrates a story of overcoming challenges.

Commencing his career as an IPS officer in 1977, Lalduhoma's diverse experiences included leading a squad in Goa targeting delinquent hippies and smugglers. His accomplishments received recognition from the national media, showcasing his journey from law enforcement to political leadership.

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