Leave steel-aluminum and hold on to these utensils, your kitchen will become completely eco-friendly
Leave steel-aluminum and hold on to these utensils, your kitchen will become completely eco-friendly

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recently issued guidelines regarding non-stick cookware, raising concerns about potential health hazards associated with cooking in non-stick pans. The study, titled "2024 Dietary Guidance for Indians," highlights the adverse effects of using non-stick utensils for cooking.

Understanding ICMR's Guidelines

ICMR's latest guidelines emphasize that non-stick cookware, coated with Teflon, should not be heated beyond 170 degrees Celsius. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat should be avoided when using such utensils. According to ICMR, excessive heat exposure or prolonged usage can lead to the release of toxic fumes from the Teflon coating, containing harmful elements.

ICMR's Warning

It's noteworthy that ICMR has not imposed a ban on these utensils. However, it advises caution when using them. Furthermore, ICMR suggests immediate replacement of cookware if the non-stick coating starts to deteriorate, as it poses an increased risk to health.

Why is Teflon Coating Dangerous?

According to ICMR, people worldwide, including in India, use utensils coated with Teflon, commonly referred to as non-stick cookware. Teflon is a synthetic compound made by combining carbon and fluorine. It is claimed that at high temperatures, Teflon-coated cookware releases toxic substances. This leads to the contamination of food with polyfluoroalkyl substances, including microplastics, resulting in food becoming tainted.

Transitioning to Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

It's worth noting that concerns over the use of aluminum cookware have been raised in the past. Now, with the issuance of guidelines on non-stick cookware, questions arise about the appropriate utensils to use in the kitchen. ICMR recommends the use of clay pots, which do not pose any health risks. However, they may require extra care to maintain. By adhering to ICMR's guidelines and transitioning to safer kitchenware options, individuals can mitigate potential health risks associated with cooking utensils.

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