Leopard plays with tourists in Kullu, people shocked
Leopard plays with tourists in Kullu, people shocked

They say that it is as good for us as far away from wild animals, but have you ever seen a dreaded animal playing with love and caress with mankind, now you will not speak, it cannot happen. But today we have come up with the news that you will be surprised to hear.



In fact, the case that we are going to tell today is not anywhere else but Kullu, a leopard on the Junha has been seen playing with the masses, and the leopard videos and photos are getting increasingly viral. It's so obvious that no one wants to go to the wild animal, if a wild animal himself comes to you and starts playing with you, of course you will also be amazed.

According to media reports, after seeing this leopard, you will also go to the square to shout at the people how the leopard is showing its love for the people, usually when a dreaded animal comes to the fore. From these pictures, you will understand how a leopard is fond of the general public and is not harming anyone, and he is playing with the general public.

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