Level Up Nutrition & Chimera Supplements, the leading sports nutrition companies and CEO Haresshvar Sakthivelu

"Through hardship to the stars" is not just a quote but also a replica of strength and vision for the CEO of Level Up Nutrition, HaresshvarSakthivelu. The story of the renowned fitness and nutrition expert starts when he got his life together as a school going guy and the world followed his path. Haresh also owns Chimera Supplements, the number one company for sports supplements by gradually increasing the interest and information of the Indians about the realm of fitness and nutrition. But these things weren't provided to him on a silver platter. He toiled, trained, and ground under the guidance of his coach BigleeMurali who proved to be a blessing for him. The journey of a 115 kg guy losing over 55 kgs in just 5 months seems less acceptable and surprising. The transformation into an adult flooding with confidence and determination took over 11 months when Haresshvar cracked the title of Mr. Tamil Nadu in 2017. With the help of his mentor, he also got the 5th position in the Mr. Chennai contest adding to his accomplishments.

Haresshvar used to be a mediocre sluggish boy with unhealthy eating habits in school. Junk foods, pastries and fries were his go-to snack in any condition. But then the time came when he realized his true spirit of getting things done and started his fitness journey without stepping backwards. Now he is working diligently to provide the best to the Indians through his services, empowering them for a healthy lifestyle. Haresshvar's motive to take the generation into a new height of fitness is celebrated cordially. He encourages people to step up to get the best version of themselves through his social media handles. He says, "Some people might be able to eat junk and still be thin. Not everyone is that lucky. Stop comparing your body or situations with that of others. Focus on what you have and come up with a key to making the changes to your life that will get you to your goal."

His journey of overcoming frustration, peer pressure from family and relatives to pursue his passion is indeed celebrated and works as motivation for the beginners who are clueless in their careers. Success is attainable but never easy. Through numerous efforts and opportunities from failure to fortune, the story of HaresshvarSakthivelu is meaningful and mesmerizing.

Instagarm handle- https://instagram.com/haressh94

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