Corona gets uncontrollable in England, lockdown had to be implemented again

Jun 30 2020 12:56 PM
Corona gets uncontrollable in England, lockdown had to be implemented again

London: Coronavirus outbreak continues across the world. In England too, the number of corona patients is constantly increasing. In view of this, lockdown has been implemented again in Leicester, East Midland area of England. A large number of people of Indian origin live in Leicester and the number of corona infects was increasing rapidly here. Unnecessary goods shops in Leicester opened on 15 June and will now be closed from Tuesday. The school was also started from June 1 for select classes and now after the new order, the school will also be closed from Thursday.

At the same time, pubs, restaurants, leisure centers, cinema, religious places were to open in England from 4 July, but now they will be closed in Leicester. Unless out of necessity, there is a ban on going out of the city and people are being instructed to stay in their homes. Health Secretary Matt Hancock in the House of Common has told that, 'We are advising people in Leicester to stay indoors. We are against all necessary travel inside and outside Leicester.

Hancock said that 10 percent of the country's total patients in Leicester are infected and we will review the lockdown for the next two weeks. We will not keep the lockdown in force until it is needed. Many youths in Leicester have also been found to be infected with the coronavirus. It is worrisome that there was no symptom of corona among the youths found infected. In such a situation, the coronavirus is transmitted from young to old, which can prove to be fatal for them.

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