Look at these Interview tips to make a lasting impression!!

Feb 04 2017 11:54 AM
Look at these Interview tips to make a lasting impression!!

Giving interview is not just about giving the correct answers and hoping to get selected, cracking an interview requires a lot of check on your body language, dress code and your confidence level as well as your attitude. Below are few tips to take care about.

1. Dress Code: Whenever you step out for an interview the dress colour is very important never go for any colour that can distract the interviewer. Blue is termed as the best option as it represents being a team leader. The other colour which plays a very good impact is Grey. It doesn't distract the interviewer and keeps his focus on your answers.

2. Attitude: - It plays the key factor of your interview part. If you show up over confidence in your interview and make interviewer realise that you are not so much interested in the job it can create a negative impact. Always be calm and cool in your approach and politely answer all the questions.

3. Body language: - This quality shows up that how confident you are as a person. Even if you are not knowing the answer be confident to say that you are not aware. 

All these points if kept in mind will always help you make a good impression along with a good preparation.

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