Janmashtami: Know in which direction the photo of Lord Krishna to be placed
Janmashtami: Know in which direction the photo of Lord Krishna to be placed

Vastu has an important place in today's time. By following the path of Vastu, we get rid of many troubles. Today we will talk to you about the photo of Lord Shri Krishna. Looking at the festival of Janmashtami, it is natural to talk about Shri Krishna. As such, no single day is special for God, although there is an ancient tradition of celebrating the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna as Janmashtami. Today we will know that how should the pictures of Shri Krishna be given a place in the house according to Vastu?

If you put a photo of Makhanchor Laddugopal in the northeast, then it will be quite good. This scene gives place to ease and love in the house. The photo of Shri Krishna in this direction within human awakens faith. If there are children below 12 years of age in the house, then during this time must be posted photos of Shri Krishna's childhood. This develops our memory and intelligence. A Gopal form of God should be installed in the house in the east direction. This increases wealth.

If we want to put pictures of the great form of Shri Krishna in the house, then for this we should choose the south-east direction. This gives us energy. We should put a picture of Shri Krishna taking Govardhan Parvat in the south direction. Such a picture is a symbol of rescue. It also relieves the fears of accidental disasters. Sudarshan Chakradhari form of Shri Krishna is also very famous. A picture of this form of Shri Krishna should be given a south-west direction. This form of Shri Krishna helps us to stay away from evils. At the north-west direction of the house, a picture of Raslila of Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna should be given place. This removes human worries.

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