Servant did this with mistress after 4 years of live-in relation

Oct 10 2020 10:57 AM
Servant did this with mistress after 4 years of live-in relation

Raisen: The case of a crime that has been reported recently is from Chhattisgarh. A steel businesswoman here has been seeking justice in Raisen these days. The woman has alleged that a boy from Kishanpur in Raisen district had come to work at her place. During the work, both fell in love with each other (servant-mistress). After that, both began to live in live-in without marriage. After nearly 4 years, the servant returned home and never went back to the woman.

When the woman told him to keep her with him, the young man refused. In this case, the woman says that the servant has been physically exploiting her for 4 years in the pretext of marriage. In this case, the woman has also accused the police of not writing the report. It is reported that the name of the accused in the case is Vijay Galgat, who reached to the woman for a job. He traps the woman during work, and after that, both were living as husband and wife. Now the woman has alleged that the servant is now refusing to meet her.

Not only that, even the servant's family members are refusing to keep the woman in the house and the servant has also taken Rs. 7 lakhs. In the case, the police said, instructions have been issued to register a case in the concerned police station on the application of the woman.

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