Police arrests drug smuggler in Jabalpur, over 100 injections seized

Oct 09 2020 02:50 PM
Police arrests drug smuggler in Jabalpur, over 100 injections seized

Jabalpur: Hanumanatal police has recently arrested a drug dealer. Yes, it is being told that recently, the police has arrested a young man from whom 100 drug injections have been recovered. According to information received, the name of the accused is Shamim Ansari's father Khurshid Ansari (44). Information about this was received by Hanumantal police. He was told that Shamim Ansari is standing in the old Kheramai area to sell drugs. Soon after getting information, the police raided there. During that time, the accused started fleeing seeing the police, but the police laid siege and captured him.

After being caught, he called his name Shamim Ansari. At the same time, after he was caught, the police searched his white sack in front of an independent witness who got about 100 injections of intoxicants. When he was questioned by the police, Shamim told that he used to sell an injection of intoxicants for 150 rupees. Apart from this, he made many more shocking revelations. After questioning him, the police officials said, 'He has a gang to sell narcotic injections. He had been selling drug injections for about a year, even before he was arrested, but after getting bail, he started selling drug injections back. '

Apart from this, the police also said that the sellers of their drug injections have a big consignment in it, but they keep it hidden in pieces in different places so that the entire goods are not caught together. 

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