Doctor's daughter to love gangster cost heavily, spend 2 months in jail

There are many cases coming from the country on the same day, another case is coming in which a girl was so much in love with a gangster that she had to spend two months and eight days in jail. However, when the lawyer told the court that she inadvertently gave heart to the gangster, she got bail. Jia, the girlfriend of gangster Papala Gurjar, was released from Alwar's Central Jail on Wednesday evening. After coming out of jail, Jiya started crying loudly after seeing her father. Jaya, the girlfriend of Papala Gurjar, was released from jail after two months and eight days, assuming the court was innocent.

After coming out of jail, Jiya said that Papala had told him that he was from Delhi and used to do business. He is stuck here due to the lockdown. Then for some time, there was some discussion in the gym. One day he advised me to open my own gym. Papala said that he will arrange for the money. After this, we started growing closer and we both fell in love. Apart from this, Jiya said that she has no relationship with Papala nor did he ever transfer any money to her account.

Jia's father Chand Sikalagar is a doctor by profession and his mother is a housewife. Jiya has two sisters, the younger one is still studying. Jiya was married in the year 2014 to a Nawab family of Bhopal. She said that but her husband had an affair with another girl due to which I divorced her. Now his family will decide her marriage. Jiya said that when Gangster Papala Gurjar was met, he had told himself to be Man Singh's son Harish Chandra Yadav, a resident of Chhatarpur in Delhi. Jiya was a trainer at the NMA Martial Arts Gym in Kolhapur, Maharashtra after her husband divorced.

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