Love started with wrong number, then sent friend to girlfriend's house

Jashpur: A shocking incident has come to light from Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. Here, a young woman found it difficult to befriend a wrong number. The boy first pretended to love her, then called and recorded a porn video. Thereafter, the blackmailing started and sent his friend 400 km away from Bihar to rape his own girlfriend. Thereafter, pornographic videos and pictures also went viral on social media. After the complaint of the girl, the police arrested a criminal from Patna on Monday.

According to the media report, the phone call of a 17-year-old girl, a resident of the Duldula area, received a call from Kundan Raj, a resident of Patna, about a year ago. Due to talking about this number by mistake, the two became friends. After that, things often happened. As the matter escalated, the criminal tricked the young woman into love and marriage. After that, they started talking on video calls also. Due to this, Kundan called and recorded the obscene video of the young woman.

It is alleged that Kundan started blackmailing the girl with the same video. At the same time, he sent a friend from Patna to Jashpur. The criminal's friend raped the girl and returned. After this, Kundan made the obscene video of the young woman viral. When the young woman came to know about it, she complained on the Expression App. The police team then contacted and a complaint was lodged at The Duldula police station on April 9. The police formed a team on the complaint of the girl and sent her to Patna. From there, the criminal Kundan Raj has been arrested. But his friend ran away. He is being sought. During interrogation, the criminal confessed to the entire incident. Police have seized his phone. Police said the criminal's friend has also been identified. He will soon be arrested too.

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