Husband killed his wife in doubt of character

Bangalore: A woman was stabbed to death by her husband in Karnataka's capital, Bangalore, on suspicion of working in a film. According to the information, the man allegedly stabbed his wife in front of the children. The incident took place at 12:40 am on Sunday (April 17, 2022) in Ramnagar town. The accused has been identified as 40-year-old Zaheer Pasha. He drives an auto.

According to the media report, about two months ago, the accused Pasha had seen a film. After this, he started suspecting that his wife Mubina had worked in it. After this, he allegedly started harassing her by suspecting his wife's loyalty. He started beating her. Pasha had reportedly thrashed Mubina over the same issue at a family function in Kolar two months ago. It was during this time that the family members came to know about Pasha's suspicion. About 20 days ago, Pasha beat his wife so badly that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

Giving details about Sunday's incident, a police officer involved in the investigation said, "The couple had shifted to Ramnagar four days before the incident. At 12:40 pm on Sunday, the couple's elder son went to the residence of his maternal grandfather Gaus Pasha, who lives nearby, and told them that his mother had been stabbed by his father. Gaus Pasha then reached her daughter's house, where she saw Mubina dead. Mubina was a housewife. She was a resident of Rahmania Nagar on BM Road, while Pasha was a resident of Shammanna Garden in Bengaluru. The two were married 15 years ago. Pasha and Mubina have five children.

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