This woman earned lakhs of rupees by FARTING

By today, all of you have read and heard many shocking news. Now today we are going to tell you a piece of similar news that will make you lose consciousness after learning about it. This is the case with the US. Here, a woman named Lush Botanica earned more than $25,000, or Rs. 18 lakh, by farting. Yes, you can't believe it, but it's true. Lush Botanica is a YouTuber and recently revealed that she earned more than $25,000, or Rs 18 lakh, by farting.

In a recent interview with a famous channel, Lush said, 'It all started when a man contacted her and asked her to make a fart video. While Lush Botanica revealed in a YouTube video, she was not ready to fart in front of the camera, but still tried. Her video received positive reactions and then there was a demand for his fart video. People were also willing to give her money for this.'

That's why Lash earned $4,000 a day by making only fart videos at one time. Well, it's not an easy task for her to fart more often. Lush says she needs to eat many dairy items including cheese. That's why she charges $175, or Rs. 12,000, for a fart video.

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