Know in which direction the idol of Goddess Durga should be placed
Know in which direction the idol of Goddess Durga should be placed

 Navaratri is going to start from September 29, and people will bring home idols of Goddess Durga. In such a situation, some rules have been told in Vastu Science about the preparation of the arrival of Goddess Durga. With this, every deity has its own different directions and whatever direction is set for the deities, they should be worshipped in that direction. Today we are going to tell in which direction you should place the idol of Goddess Durga. It is said that according to mythological beliefs, the idol should be placed in the south direction and it is very important that while worshipping our face should remain in the south or east direction.

Along with this, worshipping by facing the east direction awakens our consciousness, while worshipping facing the south direction gives mental peace and we are directly connected with the lord. It is said that according to Vastu, there should be light yellow, green or pink colour in the room because it brings positive energy in the worship room. With this, you can place pyramids made of plastic or wood in the northeast direction of the house.

It is said that if this is done, then meditation will not be lost while worshipping. With this, keep in mind that the pyramid is hollow from the bottom and must make a swastika before starting to worship. At the same time, ancient texts of Vastushastra have been said to make a symbol of the swastika from turmeric or vermilion before doing any auspicious work in temples and houses.

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