12 feet long python found in this village of Madhya Pradesh; know what happened next!
12 feet long python found in this village of Madhya Pradesh; know what happened next!

The rainy season is going on and in such wild animals can be seen. Snakes are such creatures that often appear in the water season. On Friday just like this, an incident occurred in a village in Madhya Pradesh, which spread panic among the people. In fact, on Friday, a 12 feet tall python suddenly entered into Chandukhedi village of Bhopal. Seeing this, people got scared.

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There was a stir among the people around seeing the dragon. On seeing this huge dragon, people immediately informed the Forest Department and soon after getting the information, a team of Forest Department reached the spot. Let me tell you, this dragon was so big that it was not just about one or two people to control it.

It was caught with great difficulty and under control. Apart from this, pictures of it are becoming viral on social media. In this picture, you can see that many people are seen holding this 12 feet python in their hands. However, after seeing this picture, Twitter users have also given their reactions.

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Earlier also, reports of python being caught in different areas of the country have been revealed. Some time ago, a dragon more than 14 feet long had arrived in Rekapahar of Nagaon, Assam, due to which the condition of the people was deteriorated due to fear.

Here the lightning continues to crack all the time, even the scientists are shocked!

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