CM Shivraj furious at officials

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's home village is Jait in Sehore district. From where a piece of big news has come. In fact, Narmada water has reached here, but there are no spouts to fill the water. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is angry in view of this. In fact, when he reached the village after Deepawali, a large number of people came to his forum with applications for the problem. After seeing this, the CM got angry with the employee of the Jal Nigam and imposed the duty of the Commissioner-Collector for this. In fact, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had reached his home village Jait on Saturday, where a stage was set up to welcome him.


Soon, the forum became a platform of grievances in which the people of Jait and nearby villages stood up with their problems. Most of the complaints here were of water in which the problem of not being able to take advantage of Narmada water remained common even after it reached. After seeing all this application, the CM's anger reached the utmost level.

He said, "Water is not going into my area itself. Water has not reached everywhere in Jait itself. How long will they see each application? Who work is this, is it my job? (Pointing to the Jal Nigam employee) I am applying together, I will ask about them after 15 days, if there is a complaint from a place, you will not stay. This is not a way of working. (Pointing to Bhopal Division Commissioner Gulshan Bamra) After 15 days, the Commissioner and the Collector will see for themselves. Then, where the pothole is found, I will fix it. Is it the chief minister's job to see if water is coming into the spout? Will I see every spout? Check-in full and conduct a survey. The Government has invested so much money in carrying Narmada water. Yet there is no water anywhere. Now, after 15 days, need a full report. Then, if someone complains, then it is not good. What will the Chief Minister do?'' He also expressed his displeasure by saying many things.

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