Cold wave orange alert issued in this state, reeling under bone-chilling cold

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh is experiencing a severe cold. Many cities in the state are witnessing chilly winds. Last day, 24 districts of MP remained to reel under cold wave conditions on Monday. Cold wave conditions continued in Gwalior, Chambal, Sagar and Bhopal due to increase in north eras. Hoshangabad, Indore and Jabalpur divisions also reported a sharp drop in temperature due to the impact of these cities. The lowest temperature in the state was recorded at the tourist spot Pachmarhi. In fact, Pachmarhi recorded a minimum temperature of -0.5 degrees Celsius.

The temperature was recorded at 1.2 degrees celsius in Umaria Nagaon and 1.8 degrees celsius in Gwalior. Moreover, the severe cold wave in Bhopal for 3 days has set a new record in Madhya Pradesh. Let me tell you all that the temperature reached 3.4 degrees in the capital Bhopal. Pachmarhi, on the other hand, remained the coldest. In fact, in 94 years, December has set a record of 2 consecutive night temperatures and a cold day. On Monday, Bhopal was colder than Shimla. On the other hand, 1.2 degrees in Umaria, 1.8 degrees in Gwalior, 2.0 degree in Khajuraho, 2.2 in Raisen, 2.8 in Rewa, 3.0 in Bhopal, 3.4 in Datia, 3.5 in Chhindwara, 4.0 in Bhopal, 4.2 in Tikamgarh, 4.4 in Khargone, 4.8 in Satna, 4.9 in Ujjain It recorded a temperature of 5.0 degrees.

With this, 46 districts of the state are witnessing the impact of the cold wave. Amidst all this, an Orange Alert has been issued for cold wave in Bhopal, Ujjain, Indore, Gwalior, Sagar, Rewa, Shahdol division Sagar in the state. Let me tell you all that most parts of the state will be affected by a cold for the next 2 to 3 days. According to reports, snow is blowing from Kashmir and Rajasthan on two sides in Bhopal. Air TV from Rajasthan is reaching Bhopal via Rajgarh from Shivpur Kala. The temperature has dropped below zero at several places in northern Rajasthan due to the cold.

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