Massive negligence in vaccination campaign, second dose of Covaxin replaced by Covishield!

Shivpuri: In view of the fear of the third wave by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a two-day vaccination campaign continued in the state on August 25-26. During this, from the administration to the leaders, social workers unitedly engaged in making this great campaign successful and to a large extent the campaign was successful. Meanwhile, there were some employees in the health department who were negligent and did something that surprised everyone. In fact, on the second day of the campaign, on Thursday, the Ambedkar Park Vaccination Center located in Kolaras Nagar of Shivpuri district has come to the notice of the health department.

According to the information received here, Sandeep Singh, a Sikh resident of Balehra, says that 'I had come to get my second dose of Covaxin, but I was given the Covishield vaccine under negligence.' He told, 'The employees of the health department also asked for a certificate of the first dose from me. I gave the certificate to the employees. After getting the vaccine, when I asked why I did not get the message of the second dose, the employee said that you have got the Covishield vaccine instead of the Covaxin.' Now, in this case, Sandeep alleged that 'Don't know how the employees are sitting in the health department, they do not even know that they applied Covishield instead of Covaxin.'

Apart from this, Sandeep also asked that 'who will be responsible if something happens to me after getting the second dose of Covishield vaccine.' Although this is not the first such case, such cases have come to the fore before. At present, Shivpuri CMHO in this matter says that 'the matter has come to my notice. I have spoken to Kolaras BMO. BMO is investigating this matter. No side effects have been seen in the body so far after a person has administered two different vaccine doses.

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